2016 Projects

Smart Green Infrastructure

Rain Gardens

The team designed and executed 8 rain gardens to absorb rain runoff from hard surfaces, like roofs, in to the ground, reducing negative impacts such as flooding or combined sewer overflows. Interns focused on the location, design, and implementation of the rain gardens. For more information, click here!

Native Tree Nursery

As South Bend strives to be a more sustainable and resilient city, green infrastructure and urban forestation become attractive potential uses for vacant lots as strategically targeted distributed native tree nurseries. Students tested the economic feasibility of growing bare root tree whips to maturity with eventual transplanting to public street lawns and parks.

Sustainable Placemaking

Streetscape and Urban Design

The Southeast Neighborhood master plan calls for several streetscape and enhancement projects. New lighting, street trees, and aesthetic enhancements are contemplated in a City Engineering designed and contractor executed project of $1.5 million scope this year on Fellows Street near Riley High School. BCe2 interns were tasked with designing art crosswalks and colorful banners to fly on lighting poles in the area.

Ravina Park Bridge

A student chapter of the American Society of Civil Engineers (ASCE) has designed a replacement pedestrian bridge to take the place of the current bridge in Ravina Park which crosses Bowman Creek. BCe2 interns advanced the design and continued to push the project to execution.

Data for Decision-Making

Vacant Lot Optimization (VLO) Matrix

BCe2 interns with continue a project started by the Society of Women Engineers (SWE) Tech Team Challenge, developing a tool to help the City have a rational basis for deciding how best to utilize abandoned and blighting vacant lots. Interns conducted field checks to calibrate data used by the tool, model sensitivity analysis, and weighted enhancements for possible adaptive reuses.

Green Sensors

In order to reduce the cost of real time monitoring of our smart green infrastructure, interns investigated novel technologies to investigate water infiltration and storage of team constructed rain gardens.

Arduino Workshops

Interns from across the South Bend region, including BCe2, enFocus, and the City, participated in hands-on learning to use Arduino technology. The workshop included elements ranging from coding to data readings from pH sensors, depth sensing, and noise. Teams of interns produced independent projects with restoration of Bowman Creek in mind with a final presentation open to the public.


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